Co-ordinater with Muinde at his homeWith Advantage Africa’s assistance, Kibwezi Disabled Persons' Organisation (KDPO) make over 300 visits a year by motorbike or bicycle to the urban and rural homes of people with disabilities throughout Kibwezi District. The homes are in remote locations unreached by other organisations or government services. These visits give vulnerable families the vital emotional support they need to live in a community that often misunderstands and discriminates against them. KDPO supports such families to rise above and fight the prejudice and stigma they face and demonstrate that the local beliefs surrounding disability have no basis. They assess the needs of their clients, make referrals to the mobility workshop or for therapy and provide families with health and welfare advice. These home visits are an absolute lifeline and the only external support that most families of people with disabilities in Kibwezi receive.

Women with crutches at village meetingAs part of their outreach programme KDPO also encourages groups of people with disabilities to form village support groups for themselves and their families. KDPO provide these groups with training in simple home therapy techniques, health, welfare and HIV prevention, and lead discussions on tackling issues such as social inclusion and reducing vulnerability to abuse.

 Workers concern for disabled manWoman using parallel bars