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Advantage Africa has published its Annual Report and Accounts for 2020/21.

The Report highlights how, with the amazing support of people like you, we made it through a difficult year with COVID-19 wreaking havoc in our partner communities, bans on travel to East Africa and the withdrawal of a major grant from the FCDO. Despite all that, together we helped thousands of vulnerable people to improve their lives, including:


  • 50 children with disabilities in education and a further 16 making successful transitions from school.
  • 22 special education teachers trained.
  • Up to 70 children in early years education.
  • 420 people benefitting from solar radios/lights.
  • 2,122 people received vital COVID-19 crisis relief.
  • 270 people had HIV testing and counselling.
  • 1,000 people with albinism protected from life-threatening skin cancer, including 26 with surgery.
  • 1,600 people accessing safe water.
  • 49 families supported with new or improved housing and other welfare.
  • 50 children, women and men provided with mobility aids, wheelchairs or corrective surgery.
  • 79 people with epilepsy and their carers trained in managing their condition and accessing medication.
  • 7 survivors of gender-based violence helped to recover from trauma.
  • 204 families (over 1,000 people) assisted to start sustainable enterprises to overcome poverty.
  • Over a million people reached with advocacy and campaigning on behalf of vulnerable people.

We’re grateful to you for helping to make all this possible and look forward to 2022 with hope that there will be less need for COVID-19 relief and more long-term sustainable development in our partner communities, in fulfilment of our goal of ‘better lives for the most vulnerable people in East Africa’.

Find out more about Advantage Africa's Annual Report and Accounts and download a copy

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