Welcome, to this private web page on which I will put fundraising tips, our clothing order and anything else that might help us prepare for the 2017 Great North Run.

We're so grateful to you for raising sponsorship from your family, friends and colleagues so that Advantage Africa can help people in East Africa affected by poverty, disability and HIV to improve their education, health and incomes. Advantage Africa is a small, effective charity, started by me and my wife Jane and based in our home town of Olney. We promise to make good use of every pound you raise to help vulnerable people to improve their lives in the long term.


Please do all you can to raise as much money as you can towards Advantage Africa's life-changing work. You can direct people to our fundraising page by using the following link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/olneyoldknees2017gnr

If you'd like some business cards for your wallet/purse/bag with the link on to hand out to people when you tell them about your run please let me know.

You can access the fundraising updates with news and tips that I've been sending out on email by clicking on the links below:

Update 1 - Thank you, and sponsorship page launched

Update 2 - Improvements to our fundraising page, and we're off the mark!

Update 3 - Cake, and time to order your shirts and caps

Update 4 - A good day at the office

Update 5 - When is £5k not £5k? (includes sample email to copy and paste)

Update 6 - Top ten sponsorship tips

Shirts and caps

We've managed to secure a good discount on our shirts and caps. The shirts are from AWD Just Cool and made from a SPF30 wickable fabric with a natty red sleeve design to create ease of movement. The caps are made from a similar lightweight material and have a built-in sweat band. Both will be branded as shown here.

The shirts are £12 and come in S, M, L, XL and XXL sizes. The caps are £10 and come in a single, adjustable size.

Please email me your order to andrew.betts@advantageafrica.org and pay online below. Our provider CAF have given permission to use this payment widget but please do not Gift Aid your payment because it is not actually a donation. If you do so we will end up with a hassle to refund it to HMRC!

With thanks and best wishes,