An invitation letter ...

Dear Friend,

Some background

Jane and I established Advantage Africa in 2001 based on the Christian values of justice, inclusion and equality to help vulnerable people in East Africa improve their lives. We believe that we’re all created in the image of God and that in a world of bountiful resources, the chronic poverty, stigma and lack of opportunity faced by millions of people in Africa must change. We felt God’s direction at that time, and over the years we have supported many thousands of vulnerable people to improve their education, health and incomes.

Advantage Africa is a small charity making a big difference, and our distinctive focus on reaching the most marginalised has led us to address needs and issues neglected by many large mainstream NGOs. This includes preventing skin cancer among people with albinism, protecting people with disabilities from sexual abuse and enabling single parent families to generate sustainable incomes.

Prayer Group

The work of Advantage Africa has been extraordinarily difficult and fulfilling in equal measure and we believe that it wouldn't have been possible without God’s guidance and blessing. The last few years have been particularly challenging, and right now the charity sector as a whole is facing an increased demand for services, static or falling income and all the challenges that COVID-19 presents too. Several of our Christian friends, including some of our trustees, have therefore encouraged us to establish an Advantage Africa Prayer Group.


The purpose of the Prayer Group is to enable its members to pray for the staff, trustees, partners, beneficiaries and work of Advantage Africa in an informed way. We aim to highlight current issues and give and receive feedback, hence our choice of Whatsapp as the best platform; you will therefore need Whatsapp on a suitable device to be a member of the Group. We won’t be overwhelming you with prayer requests but we will try to keep the Group regularly updated, interactive, encouraging and ultimately helpful in keeping the love and hope of God at the heart of all that we do at Advantage Africa.


If all this sounds good to you and you’d like to be part of the Group please head back over to Whatsapp and accept our invitation. We’d love to have you on board - but equally understand if you’d rather not take part for whatever reason.

Thanks so much for your interest in, and support of, Advantage Africa in so many ways.

With love and best wishes - Andrew and Jane