Advantage Africa’s support to 70 single parent families living in extreme poverty in Luuma, Central Region Uganda, began in early 2015.

The Luuma community had never had access to safe water; people walked miles to polluted sources and were vulnerable to water-related diseases. That has all changed now there is a centrally-located borehole used by more than 2,000 people. Single parent Margaret is delighted and says, ‘Ever since we grew up, we’ve only had water from the ditch’.

Working in partnership with the Single Parents Association of Uganda, Advantage Africa has also supported the Luuma single parents to improve their farming. They have undertaken intensive training in soil fertility management, composting and pest/disease control to improve their crop yields and also received essential tools. This is helping to boost the families’ nutrition and increase their marketable produce and therefore incomes.

Orphaned and vulnerable children were supported with health kits. These included mattresses, sheets and blankets to ensure they no longer had to sleep directly on the ground at risk of parasitic infections. They also each received dental kits, and for most of the children, this was the first time they had their own toothbrush. High quality bed nets were provided to the 200 most vulnerable households alongside vital training in malaria prevention.

Before the end of 2015, the Luuma single parents and carers will undertake memory work training to help them cope with the psychological and practical impact of HIV & AIDS. It’s expected that the strong, mutually supportive friendships that have developed within their group will continue to grow.

The pictures show: The new borehole in use.
The single parents learning how to make compost to improve soil fertility.