Living in a semi-urban district west of Uganda’s capital Kampala, Nanziga single parent families and their community faced many challenges, including lack of safe water and limited farmland. They had no means to earn an income and were living in extreme poverty. Many despaired for their future.

Advantage Africa first supported the single parents to establish a water point in a central, accessible location to save people the drudgery of collecting water from distant sources and reduce the incidence of water-related diseases. The community were overjoyed and commented: ‘This is the only borehole in the area. People can now get water at a convenient time!’

Small livestock rearing was identified as the best option for the single parent families to earn a sustainable income. 40 single parents received training, poultry or pigs and the resources needed to rear them successfully. Their livestock have thrived and produced offspring which were passed to other vulnerable families to spread the benefits of the project.

The single parents have formed strong friendships and have grown in confidence and self esteem through learning small livestock rearing skills. Geoffrey, Chairperson of the group said, ‘We review as a group to make sure we learn. Before the project, people were isolated and on their own. Now we work together and encourage each other.’

Orphaned and vulnerable children in Nanziga have received health kits, including mattresses, sheets, soft blankets, toothbrushes and toothpaste. For many of the children, this is their first time to have something of their own. Peace, who is 10 and lives with her aunt said ‘I am too happy to have such bedding. I am now going to sleep like a princess’.

Malaria is endemic across Uganda and prevention training and distribution of treated nets to 120 vulnerable households has all contributed to improving the health of this community.

The Nanziga single parents and carers will also be trained in memory work to help them cope practically and psychologically with the impact of HIV & AIDS and further develop their supportive friendships within their group.

Pictures show pig rearing and health kit distribution.