People with disabilities in Uganda lack opportunities to learn or earn a living and face significant hardship and discrimination. Special Children Special People (SCSP) was established in 2010 in Makindye Division, Kampala, and formed a partnership with Advantage Africa in 2012 to help children and young people with disabilities to access education, rehabilitation and skills training. SCSP works with parents and guardians, schools, communities and local leaders to promote understanding of disability and inclusion and is active in Kampala and beyond in helping people with disabilities to campaign for their rights. View a project.

SCSP’s Director is Moses Walusimbi (pictured with Simon who has Down's Syndrome). His passion to support people with disabilities grew from witnessing the struggles of his late brother who was affected by epilepsy and experienced significant misunderstanding and prejudice from his local community. In recognition of what his brother went through, Moses is determined that through the partnership of SCSP and Advantage Africa, children with disabilities in Makindye Division will be valued, included and able to reach their potential.

Moses leads a small team including special needs teachers, a physio and occupational therapist and dedicated house mothers, all committed to supporting and encouraging children with disabilities and their families.