Many millions of people in East Africa continue to live in relentless poverty, excluded from the benefits of economic growth taking place in the region. Among the most vulnerable people all are those affected by disability and HIV who are often disregarded, stigmatised and denied their basic human rights so that they lack self worth, opportunity and hope.

Advantage Afirca's vision is for such vulnerable children, women and men to be respected as equals, free from poverty, discrimination and fear, and to be more self-reliant.

To this end, our Strategic Plan for 2015 to 2018 'Promoting and Sustaining Self Reliance among Vulnerable People in East Africa' outlines our goal for 23,000 vulnerable and stigmatised children and adults to have lasting improvements to their quality of life.

The Plan sets out our objectives for greater impact, partners' capacity and sustainability to reach that goal, and outlines how we will monitor and measure our progress.

It is purposely a brief document, and we welcome comments on its contents, as well as partnership in different ways towards achieving the ambitious objectives it contains.